About the game

Codebreakers - this is the game just for you? No matter if you've ever heard of cryptology, Caesar's cipher, or Enigma. No matter if you like math or history.

The game will appeal to anyone who loves adventure, mystery and the spirit of competition. As part of the game we successively publish short lectures discussing various subjects related to the art of ciphering and decryption, as well as some tasks to work on.

The team which will be the first in setting the Enigma rotors in Team Panel to make the word ENIGMA appears, win the game and the main prize. Teams should consist of 3 people. There are no limits concerning age of the players.

Three levels of difficulty will provide a lot of fun for beginners, as well as for initiated and, what is more interesting, you can go through beginner, adventure and Enigma level, developing skills with the course of the game. And you can win!

Game schedule


In this year (2018) we are not going to organize the game.

If you want to be informed when next game will be started, please create an account at "registration".

Why do we play?

In 1929 three students of mathematics began their adventure with cryptology that resulted in breaking the code of the German cipher machine Enigma.

At that time, they attended a cryptology course organised especially for the students of Poznan University by the Polish Cipher Bureau. Ten years later, in the face of the expected outbreak of war, they revealed to the intelligence services of befriended countries, Great Britain and France, their secrets of breaking the Enigma cipher.
This allowed the Allies to monitor a large part of the German correspondence and communication, and that was an immense support in the defeat of Nazi Germany.
To keep the memory of these events alive we organize The Web Cryptology Game CODEBREAKERS. We are pleased to welcome everyone to our 2017 edition, for three versions of the game:  beginner, advanced and Enigma.
Attractive prizes will be awarded to the winners, and all players can prepare for a fascinating adventure in the world of secret agents.
We have prepared, for the present edition, a few surprises for the players. The details coming soon... 

[Read more about the characters and the Enigma machine]

How to enter the game?

We will shortly publish a series of lectures on cryptology, the art of making and breaking the ciphers, as well as some puzzles to solve, based on what you learn from the lectures.

After registration the opening lecture will be available to everyone visiting the website. Try your hand at a trial game, by which you can learn the specifics of Codebreakers, which rely on short lectures on cryptology issues. Your task will be to unravel the puzzles that will appear both in the content of the lectures and in the game. Just read the lectures and the solution will occure soon after. 

The Basic level starts on September 25th (19.29 UTC). It will last until October 13th. The Adventure level will take place from October 16th to November 3rd. And the Enigma level will begin on November 6th, and will last until November 24th. Just now you are able to register as a team (consisting of three members), read the Introductory Lecture, and log in to the Team Panel. Successful registration will be confirmed by an email. 

The team who is the first to solve the final puzzles, published after the last lecture, wins the game.

Prizes are waiting for the best codebreakers!

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