VIATOR Cultural and Tourist Association

The Association was formed in 2001 in Poznań, Poland as VIATOR Student Tourist Club. In the beginning it's main activities included organising various kinds of tourist events, or junior camps.

Towards the end of the year 2006 the association got involved in organising city games in cooperation with the originator of the games as well as a historian - Szymon Dąbrowski. Since then the association has organised or co-hosted a few dozen of educational, popularising and touristic games in Poland as well as Europe.

Among its many projects, the events devoted to popularising the fact of breaking the code of the German cryptograph called Enigma by Polish mathematicians have taken a special place. The interest in the games ENIGMA (2007) and ŁAMACZE SZYFRÓW (2008)/ CODEBREAKERS (2008) has settled permanently the subject of this Polish success in the range of the activities of the Association.

The Association hit the bull's eye with ŁAMACZE SZYFRÓW (CODEBREAKERS) all-Polish Cryptology Game organised in 2009, on the 80th anniversary of the cryptology course at which Rejewski, Różycki i Zygalski became acquainted with the arcane art of codebreaking. The game aroused a lot of interest - a few hundred of three member teams took part in the event. The following years brought several next editions of the game, including one international.

The growing involvement in carrying out of various educational and cultural projects has brought about a change for VIATOR. In 2012 the members of the association decided to change the statute of the organisation and assume the name of VIATOR Cultural and Tourist Association.

It wouldn't be possible for the association to carry out its projects on such a scale if it hadn't been for the combined effort of various institutions among which Poznan City Council, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression and the Polish History Museum deserve special credits.

To summarise briefly a fraction of the scope of the association's activities we can list the following projects:

  • a series of 4 city games devoted to Enigma
  • a series of 7 Internet cryptology games devoted to Enigma
  • a series of Touristic Games (self-serviced)
  • a series of city games devoted to the Greater Poland Uprising
  • a series of sport games
  • a number of other city games of historical, touristic, sport or cultural nature.

It is estimated that about fifteen thousand people have participated in our events so far.

The people who form the team of are people with many passions and one common goal: to pay due tribute to the Polish defeaters of Enigma.

Marcin Kroma
President of the Association

Dobrochna Wojciechowska
Vice-president of the Association


Szymon Dąbrowski
Game creator


Rafał Anioła


Jarosław Redliński

Hubert Nowak


Michał Domżalski

Anna Wolnowska

Under licence Creative Commons CC-BY-ND.