Why do we play?

In 1929 three students of mathematics began their adventure with cryptology that resulted in breaking the code of the German cipher machine Enigma.

At that time, they attended a cryptology course organised especially for the students of Pozna? University by the Polish Cipher Bureau. Ten years later, in the face of the expected outbreak of war, they revealed to the intelligence services of befriended countries, England and France, their secrets of breaking the Enigma cipher.
This allowed the Allies to monitor a large part of the German correspondence and communication, and that was an immense support in the defeat of Nazi Germany.
To keep the memory of these events alive we organize The Web Cryptology Game CODEBREAKERS. We are pleased to welcome everyone to our sixth edition, for, unlike in the previous ones, there are two versions of the game: trail and basic.
Attractive prizes will be awarded to the winners, and all players can prepare for a fascinating adventure in the world of secret agents.
We have prepared, for the present edition, a few surprises for the players. The details coming soon... 

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How to enter the game?

We will shortly publish a series of lectures on cryptology, the art of making and breaking the ciphers, as well as some puzzles to solve, based on what you learn from the lectures.

The opening lecture will be available to everyone visiting the website. However, only the registered team members will gain access to the next lectures by solving the tasks accompanying each of the lectures.

First tasks will be posted on June 17th (19.29 UTC). Now you are able to register as a team (consisting of three members), read the Introductory Lecture, and log in to the Team Panel. You can also play a TRIAL GAME now. A successful registration will be confirmed by an email. 

The team who is the first to solve the final puzzles, published after the last lecture, wins the game.

The main prize will go to the three teams who are the fastest in solving the tasks in the final challenge. Prizes are waiting for the best codebreakers!

About the project

This game is the next edition of The Web Cryptology Game CODEBREAKERS.EU. It is carried out by VIATOR Cultural and Tourist Association with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland .

The author of the game is Szymon D?browski. The cryptologic side of the project is supervised by Marek Grajek, a cryptologist specialising in the history of breaking the Enigma code. However, the carrying out of the project would not be possible without the commitment of a number of people. You can read more about the team in the section About us.

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